Cute and funny pictures shared by snapchat users of their pets and animals


Snapchat users have uploaded the funniest animal pictures. The pet owner uses funny captions on their animal pics.

One dog enjoying playing catch with his owner went overboard in fetching the branch. 🙂

Not one to overlook a high quality pun, the dog’s owner labelled the canine an ‘Assistant branch manager’.



One cultured Snapchat noted the likeness to The Creation of Adam after capturing a dog reaching out to a man


These lovely Japanese shoji doors were certainly no match for these felines. Definitely avoid buying if you have cats or dogs.
This cute cat brought a large green leaf to his owner. Vegatarian cat? Or is the cat very thoughtful of his “vegatarian owner”

The cat looked very serious as it presented the gift to its owner in a ceremonious manner.

Cute rat snuggled up in a sleeve, eating popcorn while watching Ratatouille on a smartphone

Cute chicks cuddling up to the mug for warmth.


After seeing this picture of a cow sleeping on a human’s lap, it made me realise that cows are more intelligent and loving than we give them credit for. Maybe it is time to turn vegatarian .

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