What was found by these Chinese officials is shocking and has got to stop


Pardon the click-baity title, but I was desperately trying to get your attention for a very important matter. If you love animals like I do, you probably hate to see images of what I’m about to show you, but it’s something that cannot be ignored.

In Shanghai, a group of smugglers have been caught smuggling more than 3 tons of scales from highly endangered African pangolins.

Over 3 TONS of dead pangolins and their meat This is the largest smuggling case of pangolin scales ever spotted by Chinese Customs, city officials said yesterday.Pangolins, one of the most trafficked mammals in Asia and increasingly Africa, are in large demand in central, east and southeast Asia in particular, according to World Wild Life. The meat is considered a delicacy and the scales often used in traditional medicines. (Like claiming holding a pangolin scale during sex increases chance of fertility, and other nonsense like that.)Shanghai Customs officials said a container imported from Africa was found concealing other products among the declared timbers in a machine examination on December 10.

After opening the container, officers found a total of 101 bags of pangolin scales, weighing 3.1 tons.


Thousands of dead pangolins

It is estimated that about 5,000 to 7,500 pangolins would have been killed to produce such an amount, the Customs authority said.

But this case might be just a tip of an iceberg. The Customs authority later found the suspects had been buying pangolin scales from Africa and smuggling them to China since 2015. Further investigation is under way.


A Pangolin.. As old as the dinosaurs.

All eight species of pangolins have been listed in Appendix I of Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, the most endangered among CITES-listed animals and plants and any international commercial trade is forbidden.

Why is it that the Chinese seem to be the countries that these animals are going to for whatever reason. THey are decimating our endangered species .

Pangolin scales are believed by some people to have health benefits, such as fertility, helping women to lactate milk and improving blood circulation, though there is a complete lack of evidence suggesting if they are actually effective.

So you can gain a little appreciation for this animal you probably didnt even know existed, check out this cute clip from Nat Geo.

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