Soulmates and their purpose


The purpose of human life is to return to unconditional love.  We feel affection and fondness, friendship and romance depending on the type of relationship as we learn how to love unconditionally in any circumstance.

And that’s where soulmates come in. Our soul families  are here to help us learn unconditional love.

It takes more than romance to fulfill that mission and our soulmates are here to help.

Karmic Soul Mates

The karmic soul mate experience is very common. You can have many of these in a lifetime. They enter your life to teach you an important lesson. Karmic soul mates can be co-workers, family members or close friends

Sometimes these relationships can be romantic in nature; but if so, they won’t last long. That is because these relationships are solely meant for learning lessons and for growth rather than for obtaining a life partner.

Humans aren’t the only karmic relationships we will have, sometimes, pets we consider to be special members of our family can display the same karmic characteristics as humans. There are often special relationships we can have with our pets to the point where the bond between pet and human becomes so deep it’s hard to dismiss it as anything other than the true karmic soul mate relationship. full article can be found at



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